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SUMMIT Innovation Sessions

The challenge: Capitalizing or defending against the disruptions and disintermediations that are taking place across B2B industries today as new digital technologies are changing industry structures and the marketplace rapidly and dramatically. Disruptions and disintermediations are taking place across B2B industries today. 


Our response and the result: We have developed Summit Innovation Sessions to help you define an actionable strategy to address this challenge. Summit Innovation Sessions result in strategic insights and commercial actions. They develop options for improving customer experiences, business structure and configuration, product and service offerings as well as brand and customer relationships – the drivers of innovation and competitiveness.

Summit Innovation Sessions also enable the formation of alliances between technology developers and technology users through collaborations, joint development relationships, marketing partnerships, and other forms of strategic alliance.

The Digital Disruption Imperative:

Big data, analytics and digital innovations are impacting agriculture, transportation, healthcare and nearly every other industry.  Uber and AirBnB are well known examples of B2C disrupters impacting the personal transportation and hospitality industries. Before launching their Predix® business, GE determined that the market for a platform and applications in the B2B industrial segment could reach $225 billion by 2020.  The Predix business may be the fastest business in GE history to hit the $1B mark.  CEO Jeff Immelt’s aspiration for GE is to make it a “digital industrial company.”  Steve Case, founder of AOL believes it represents “a new phase of technological evolution” and has calls it the “Third Wave” (of the impact of the internet).


Whether you view it as the Third Wave, big data or digital innovation, it represents both an opportunity and critical imperative. Today’s industry leaders must to define the strategic options available for them to address the digital challenge, capture the opportunity or in some cases, address the threat, to remain relevant in their industry. While much is written about this disruption and challenge, few options exist to help you as an industry leader take action to address it in your business.


The Summit Innovation Session Approach:

At the heart of the Summit process is the Summit Conference itself, an intense meeting of 12-14 people... but not just any meeting, nor just any people. The Panel is comprised of specifically targeted International Opinion Leaders chosen because of their relationship to the subject matter, the objectives of the Summit Session, and their influence within their industry, their organization or their community. Whether a Panelist represents a potential customer, alliance partner, or some other key element of the external environment, we choose each Panelist for high relevance and the potential role that individual’s organization can play in your future commercial actions. A Summit Panel is a high-powered, influential team operating on your behalf , whose identity can remain confidential throughout most of the process to ensure objectivity and candor.


Here are typical milestones in a Summit Innovation Session:

Program Planning Workshop: We meet with your team to define Objectives, Deliverables and Metrics to guide the Session. We develop a Positioning Document that describes Summit's purpose, sets the stage and describes what can be expected at the Summit Conference for use in recruiting Panelists.


Panelist Selection: Using proprietary intelligence and networking techniques, and our extensive corporate relationships throughout the world, we identify, qualify and invite a 12-14 member Panel of Opinion Leaders to the Summit Conference.


Briefing Document Preparation: We conduct in-depth industry research (including conversations with Industry leaders who may not be able to attend the Summit Conference) to define apparent critical issues and develop hypothesis of opportunities for the industry. This research is summarized into a comprehensive, briefing document that you approve. The briefing document also serves as a thought-provoking workbook provided to Panelists in advance of the Summit to help them prepare and as a framework to facilitate the discussion during the Conference.


Summit Conference: Using leading edge techniques and tools, we facilitate a structured conversation with the Opinion Leaders that results in insights and opportunities emerging from the unique gathering and interaction of the Panelist expertise assembled for the Conference. We professionally videotape Conferences for later in-depth review and analysis.


Post Summit: We will work with you to develop an action plan that builds on the insights, opportunities and potential alliances that emerge from the Conference, including follow up with Panelists as appropriate.


“Every industry leader in every economic sector will be at risk of being disrupted.  

We are entering a new phase of technological evolution.” 

                                                                                 - Steve Case, founder of AOL and author of The Third Wave

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