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Strategic ROADMAP™

The challenge: Choosing the right strategic path for your business.


Our response and the result: We help clients develop sharp, clear and focused strategies. We'll help you develop a Strategic ROADMAP to align your team, clarify priorities and set direction so that your organization can make right choices and do the right things to succeed.

The Strategic ROADMAP framework has been used by Fortune 50 and start-up companies, it has been featured at several industry conferences and is now available in paperback and ebook formats.





Our approach:

Strategic ROADMAP Front Cover 1600x2400

There is always more than one way to a destination.  Choosing the right strategic path for your business is a challenge.  Defining the approach that provides the quickest route, using the limited resources available to you most effectively and efficiently is difficult.   And there are even the issues of and choosing the right things to work and defining success.


The Strategic ROADMAP address the seven critical questions your strategies need to answer:

                                                 Copyright 2016 Andy Shafer

These questions apply at the corporate, business unit or project level.  Equally they can be framed for core or disruptive business growth – although the process to address them differs there.


Let us help you define the Strategic ROADMAP™ with the details that underlie these questions to put your business on the right path to success.

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