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The challenge: Finding and selecting the right opportunities and ideas to grow your business.


Our response and the result: We use a disciplined and purposeful search and a systematic analysis to identify major new business opportunities and greatly increase your odds of commercial success.

Our approach:

Our approach starts with three critical elements: you, your customers and your current or potential competition.  And we don’t stop there.


Our process involves rather intense iteration between understanding of driving forces in prospective user industries and your company’s capabilities and strategic options.  Beginning with an understanding of your strategic interests, we look for market discontinuities.


A market discontinuity is a shift in any of the market forces or their interrelationships that cannot be predicted by a continuation of historical trends and that, if it occurs, can dramatically affect the performance of a firm or an industry.  Discontinuities create openings that greatly enhance potential for commercial success of new product and services. 


Once we’ve identified openings created by discontinuities, we test them for strategic fit for you, value created for customers and your ability to create a sustainable competitive advantage.  When all of these converge we will have identified a true opportunity that fits you.


“It will rarely pay to enter an industry in equilibrium unless the firm has special advantages.”

                                                                                                                                                 – Michael Porter

Any opportunity for revenue combines:

A receptive audience (market need)

Capabilities to create value (capabilities)


The right conditions to bring them together (favorable conditions)


                                                                          - Pam Henderson PhD.

                    Author of You can kill an IDEA but you can’t kill an OPPORTUNITY

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