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John Salladay

John Salladay, Managing Director for NBID Associates, enjoyed a twenty-seven year career with The Dow Chemical Company where he held several leadership positions in various aspects of development involving product, application, market, innovation and business development. 


As a young engineer, John led efforts to develop ion exchange resins that gained widespread use in processing high fructose corn syrup. As Development Manager for Styrofoam brand insulation, John served as chairman of the Styrofoam brand

product management team that established major new markets in residential insulation and the growth foundation for the business for over two decades.


As Business Development Director in Plastics for Packaging, John and his team pioneered the use of new business analysis methods for defining the impact of environmental performance requirements on the business and led the development of one of the first joint business /environmental sustainability strategies in the industry.  Resulting innovative programs on plastics and the environment received national recognition and provided a strong basis for credible public positioning of plastics in the environment. 

As an Innovations Director in both Dow Plastics and Dow Ventures, John was able to help the company infuse a much higher level of understanding of market dynamics into its opportunity discovery and management processes to compliment Dow's traditional strong technology emphasis.

John graduated with BS and MS degrees in chemical engineering from Ohio State.

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