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NBID Associates

Co-founded by John Salladay and John Stevens in 1995, NBID Associates has identified major new business opportunities to point the way for dozens of clients in multiple regions of the world to selectively target development of markets and technologies for timely commercial success.

Recognizing long-standing frustrations of company leaders in successfully innovating around emerging technologies and/or dynamic market shifts, NBID Associates built on proven entrepreneurial principles to develop effective practices for engaging industry observers and opinion leaders in conversations to reveal critical insights on whether and how driving forces in their industries could lead to opportunities for the client.


NBID’s clients range from large multi-nationals to new startups in a variety of fields. Examples include the Guinness Ireland Group, Dow Corning Corp, Cargill, Novomer Inc., INVISTA, Elevance Renewable Sciences, Kimberly-Clark and The Dow Chemical Company.  NBID has discovered opportunities for its clients in a host of industries including textiles, packaging, electronics, automotive, food & beverage, coatings & adhesives, oil & gas, healthcare, consumer products, construction and numerous others.


Notable client successes resulting from NBID’s explorations for opportunities include:

  • A new business and JV creation with user-partners for a new specialty fiber

  • An innovative bottled beer product now marketed around the world

  • Development and launch of new bio-based lubricants for use in multiple industries

  • Initial development partnerships and commercialization of a new polymer family

  • Development of surfactants based on waste CO2 to improve performance of enhanced crude oil recovery

  • Establishment of an opportunity discovery process for a major materials producer


Integral to NBID’s typical results are “opportunity maps” that reflect near-term and longer term opportunity options that enable development leaders and business leaders to bridge the visionary-operational gap by focusing on a sponsoring near-term application to demonstrate viability while retaining a focus on major longer term possibilities.

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